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Best Debt Collection Practices from Alexander, Miller & Associates

One of the foremost practices for debt collection through Alexander, Miller & Associates is detailed consultancy. As a creditor you have some understanding of your debtors and their repayment patterns. You need to discuss about all your existing problems with your debtors during the consultancy. This will help the agency in getting an idea about the nature of your debtors. Make sure you have handed over all the documents, invoices, and financial reports related to the outstanding receivables to the agency experts. If you have had any previous correspondences with your debtors you need to submit those copies also.

Alexander, Miller & Associates – Debt Investigations

  • Initial Communication: – After gathering all the details from you, the experts at Alexander, Miller & Associates establish the initial communication with your debtors. The formal communication informs them about the amount of money they owe to you with attachment of the summary reports. The agency asks them to verify from their records and reply within a specific time. Once this is done you might need to wait for sometime before getting a response from your debtors.
  • Debtor Response: – Your debtors will respond to the email from Alexander, Miller & Associates after verifying the reports with their books of accounts. If they confirm the debt you have no hassles in getting the repayment. The agency will take care of the further proceedings by preparing and signing the repayment agreement papers. If there is no response from the other end, the agency might send reminders. If the response is negative, the agency will take the appropriate legal actions and prepare the ground for lawsuit.
  • Debt Investigation: – The experts from Alexander, Miller & Associates initiate detailed investigations into the books of accounts at the debtor end. The agency takes the help of legal experts and permission from the court of law to conduct the investigations. The private investigators appointed by the agency have the expertise to detect any malpractices in the accounts books at the debtor end if any. Once they complete the investigations they match the reports with the outstanding receivables submitted by you. If there are any variations found, they might call for negotiations between you and your debtor.

Alexander, Miller & Associates – Settlement Procedures

The methods adopted in settling the debts are decided and formalized by Alexander, Miller & Associates. They can get the other party to sign the agreements and take your approval formally. The schedule and installments of repayments are fixed in consultation with both the parties. Once the agreement is reached and formally sealed, you can relax. The agency will take care of follow up procedures.

Alexander, Miller & Associates – Facing Debtor Bankruptcy

If your debtor files bankruptcy in the court of law, Alexander, Miller & Associates experts can challenge it and file litigations for debt recovery. Their private investigators can gather all the required evidences to prove the repaying capacity of the debtor and enforce an agreement to repay within the specified schedule as decided in the court of law after the verdict in your favor.